Mother's Day: A Dressing Guide

We believe Mother's Day calls for a great dress; something simple yet feminine. Since the sun has finally decided to come out to play (at least for these next few days), we're breaking out our latest collection of lovely and Spring-y frocks, just in time for Mother's Day!

As always, the accessories are just as important as the clothing. We're partial to soft and luxurious neutrals with perforated details. These elevated staples will work season after season and are a smart fashion investment. 

Of course, we have even more hanging from our racks in store. Swing by to finalize your Mother's Day look (and pick up a gift for your fab mama)!

A Token of Your Affection

The month of May is the perfect time to celebrate the mothers of the world. Mother Nature is awakening, putting on a dazzling show of bright green grasses, the darling buds of new leaves peaking out from every branch and the flamboyantly colorful flower heads popping up, seemingly overnight, in an array of brilliant hues. This celebration of new life inspires us to fête our own mothers for the life and love they've given. 

Give your mother a thoughtful token of your love and appreciation this year - something perhaps she wouldn't buy for herself. A little bit of luxury goes a long way so we've handpicked a few of our fav-o-rite things, including hand-painted indigo scarves, versatile vests, chic clutches in elegant neutrals, fragrances, candles and skincare and the most delicate, feminine earrings in the land, handmade by our own Libby Ash.

Take a peek below then come into the store so we can help you pick out the most unique gift for your mother. We'll also be at the ready to help guide loved ones seeking a little something for you... 

a touch of style

for the mother who appreciates one of a kind accessories

an elegant perfume

for the mom who loves little luxuries

A versatile layer

for the mama who's always on trend

a must-have clutch

for the stylish mother who needs to lighten her load

a chic candle

for your matriarch's gracious home

a hint of glam

for the mama who loves to sparkle 

natural skin care treats

for the mum who delights in beauty rituals

a sleek & stylish accessory

for the mother who appreciates form and function

a bespoke fragrance kit

for the mom who likes to mix it up

The FIND is stocked and ready to help you celebrate Mother's Day in style!

Where You'll FIND Me: Melani

I have strong Indiana roots and I will always have a special place in my heart, and life, for this beautiful state. It's where I was raised and where I raised my children. It is home to extended family and cherished friends, as well as my business interests. Northeast Indiana is becoming such a dynamic place to live, work and play, which certainly makes it harder to leave for my various adventures and much easier to return home. 

Here's where you'll FIND me when I'm not checking in at The FIND:


I am a devotee of Mocha Lounge, and their fab menu, and schedule the majority of my meetings there. Depending on the time of my meeting, I calculate how much caffeine and sugar my day still allows (or deserves)!  Tea v. latte?  GK Baking cinnamon roll v. sesame seed peanut butter bar?  The struggle is real.


I walk Main Street to pick up The Trove's mail, greet friends and fellow shop owners, grab coffee at Proper Pastry (and always debate biting into one of Anna's delicious croissants), take a yoga class at Powers of One, window shop at Fearless Chef, BoRo and The North End and swing by Paper Moon and Moose & Mollies for a chat. I just adore the oh-so charming vibe of #thenoke.


There's nothing I love more than visiting my far-flung children. They're even more fun as adults and I'm so glad they picked cool places to call home. During my travels, I'm always on the hunt for cool restaurants and shops. #RetailEspionage


I love to walk the lakeshore, visit friends, cheer on the Cubbies, or take in a play or musical. I just love to soak up the big city energy!


I adore watching the sunset with a glass of wine and my husband. This is where I go to focus and restart my creativity. Water is soothing, healing and I can't get enough of the crystal blue waters of Northern Michigan.

New In: Must-Have Accessories

While clothing gets the most attention when changing up the wardrobe for a new season, accessories are just as vital for freshening up the vibe. From the smallest details like a statement bangle, a fun new clutch (we whole-heartedly believe in the bag within a bag approach to handbag organization) or a punchy new pair of glasses, it's often the details that take a look to the next level.

Of course, the handbag is the most crucial of style selections. We rely on our handbag to be and to hold all the things, so it has to be stylish, functional and durable. Get a load of our current lineup - we're certain you'll find at least one fave...

How you put it all together is the fun part. We prefer chic staples with a flash or two of something metallic and a hint of color here and there. 

Come shop all our freshest Spring finds in #DTFW!

Where You'll FIND Me: Libby

As a Fort Wayne native, I both love the city I call home and crave adventures beyond. Opening The FIND has given me a new understanding and appreciation for this town, and while I travel a lot, it's always so sweet to come back home. 

I am honored and excited to be part of the growth of #DTFW and can't wait to see all the wonderful things to come. Here's where you'll FIND me when I'm not working in the shop:

the golden

Noshing at The Golden...

My husband and I treasure our dinners together, alone or with family and friends. Lately, the majority of our meals out have been at The Golden, for so many lovely reasons. Located on the ground floor of the Ash Skyline building, and right next door to The FIND, this beautiful hot spot is dear to us because it's co-owned by our son-in-law. We couldn't be more proud to support his delicious venture! 

Playing tourist in Fort Wayne...

My bestie, Marcia Crawford, and I pick a different place to explore each week. I love this ritual because it keeps me connected to my treasured friend as well as this city I love so much. There are so many cultural gems in Fort Wayne and the Botanical Conservatory is one of our favorite haunts - especially when the weather outside is frightful.


Exploring Chicago, my kind of town...

I love being able to hop up to Chicago to visit my kids. It's such a wonderful city and I absolutely love to explore the various neighborhoods, visit favorite spots and discover new ones.


Visiting my happy place...

The closest thing to heaven on earth, for me, is Mackinaw City. When I'm here, I feel inspired, full of joy and at peace. It is my wish that every person has a spot on this planet that makes them feel the way Mackinaw makes me feel.

Hanging with Zellie...

This is my little heartbeat, my miniature dachshund, Zellie. When I'm not out and about, you'll find me snuggling at home with my comic relief - she keeps me laughing through everything!