There’s something about a cup of coffee that powers great conversations, conversations that sometimes lead to wonderful collaborations. Libby Ash and Melani Wilson were in the midst of an extended conversation at their favorite local coffee haunt, discussing their respective jewelry businesses. Ideas and sources were shared with plenty of creative brainstorming swirling. Something in the air prompted Melani to propose what seemed at the time like a far out, left field kind of idea. Perhaps the pair should start a business together, a la The Trove, a creative collaboration retail store in Roanoke, Indiana, launched by Melani and other tastemakers in 2012. Libby’s response surprised Melani because Libby wasn’t shocked. She didn’t say no. She didn’t think it was nutty at all. She said she’d think about it.

Fast forward a few months and a few more cups (more like gallons) of coffee. Libby responded to Melani with an emphatic “YES!”, followed by “How about downtown Fort Wayne?” Jumping with glee, Melani and Libby forged the concept, hashed out the details and thus, The FIND was born. The pair asked Roya Kelly, known for her stylish eye, to jump on board, completing the team.


Our Fab Trio (if we do say so ourselves)

Our Grand Opening ribbon cutting. What a great day June 1st was! From left to right: Roya, Libby, Melani

LIBBY A successful jewelry artisan, Libby’s chic sensibility brings everyday luxury to theFIND with elegant pieces for mind, body and home.

ROYA With a natural gift for customer relationships and a love of fashion, Roya is a splendid complement to theFIND team.

MELANI An experienced curator of fine things and a maker herself, Melani knows stylish living and loves sharing her finds with friends, family and cherished clients.

Similar to its sister store The Trove, The FIND is a lifestyle general store, specializing in gifts, home goods, men’s and women’s accessories and women’s clothing. We delight in finding and supporting our many talented local and midwestern artisans, designers and makers. And we’re beyond thrilled you’ve found us!