Giving Time

We all struggle, at times, with finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones each holiday season. While we'd love for you to do ALL your shopping at The FIND this year (we're up to our eyeballs in marvelous merch), we feel we can definitively say we have the best, knockout gift for the most important of your loved ones, man or woman, hands down. A Shinola watch is at the top of our gift list (for giving and receiving) and we're going to make the case for it to be at the top of yours, too. 

A fine watch is a functional, useful accessory with meaning and intensely good looks. A piece by Shinola is an investment in quality, American craftsmanship and will be cherished by the wearer for a lifetime, as well as for generations to come. Perhaps the most telling thing about owning a fine watch is that each piece develops it's own story, it's own legacy, in celebration of something. A classic, beautifully crafted timepiece perfectly celebrates milestones or a special occasion and elevates gift giving to an art form.

We're proud to carry Shinola watches at The FIND because the company believes in the American "glory of manufacturing" and "the beauty of industry." They set up shop in Detroit to celebrate the city's history and to be part of guiding its future, "Where we will reclaim the making of things that are made well." Shinola has created skilled American jobs, crafting timepieces, leather goods, jewelry, bicycles and (launching soon) turntables. The painstaking artistry Shinola puts into every piece of their collection is so astounding, it's no surprise the company has the reputation and following it does. That's why we were so honored and beyond thrilled to have been the first to carry the brand in Northeast Indiana. 

A watch from Shinola is timeless yet very modern and very American. It is a personal gift the wearer will cherish for the rest of their lives. They won't ever forget when and where you gave it to them and will be proud to pass it along to future generations, along with the love shared between the giver and recipient.

At The FIND, we're all about quality over quantity and we believe the gift of a Shinola watch will be one which will last a lifetime. Wearing a real timepiece is romantic in its way and imparts an elegance a phone or smart watch just can't touch and never will. 

Did we make our case? Come see our selection of Shinola watches in person at The FIND. And if you don't fall in love with what we have in store, we'd be happy to order one for you from their entire selection.