WCW: Ambre Blends

Part of The FIND's mission is to support and promote local businesses and indie makers, and as a woman-owned business, we especially love female-led companies. We're kicking off a new series here on the blog that celebrates the women who inspire us with their talent, passion and dedication. We couldn't be happier for our first WCW post to be about Ambre Crockett and Stephanie Harris, the owners of the best-selling fragrance line based in Indianapolis, Ambre Blends.

Ambre Blends owners Stephanie Harris & Ambre Crockett. Photo by Erinn Bridgman

As a massage therapist, Ambre started blending her own aromatherapy oils to use with her clients. "From there, I started giving it as gifts, and making it for others by request. In 2003, a boutique called Haus Love asked to carry it in their space, and from there it just blossomed", she says. Stephanie joined the company in 2008, when the duo decided to really grow the brand, and became a partner in 2011.

Since 2001, the company has grown to encompass five scents (Ahnu is the newest, and it's selling like hotcakes), with multiple bath and body products in each scent story. The brand can now lay claim to fans across the United States and beyond - not too shabby for something that started out as a hobby! The company has moved locations as it has grown, while staying "true to our grass roots style. We love the 'slow and steady wins the race' vibe. We never took on more than we needed, and in doing so, never incurred debt", says Ambre. 

The Ambre Blends Team. Photo by Erinn Bridgman

Ambre Blends is 95% female, which we adore. The company likes to work with everyone, "but we definitely take the opportunity to partner with women-owned companies. Women supporting women is a beautiful thing to us", says the duo. Same, girlfriends. #fempire

Photo by Lisa Lemen

Why we crush on Ambre Blends: The all-natural essences are stellar (and unisex!), the ingredients are of the highest quality and the packaging is thoughtful and environmentally-friendly. Quite frankly, we can't seem to pick a favorite essence because they are all so lovely, and each scent transforms differently on the skin from one wearer to the next. Says Stephanie, "We're so grateful to the loyal customers that take the time to share the love of Ambre Blends with those who stop them to ask what fragrance they're wearing. Adds Ambre, "Word of mouth is an honest and great way to grow a business. It also validates that we have a good product, made with love and shared with love."

Photo by Lisa Lemen

The best sellers are the roll-on oils in every scent, followed by body cream and spritzers. The natural deodorant is "getting so much press right now, and was recently featured in New Beauty Magazine", says Stephanie. "Next on the horizon is our Baby line. We're still in formulation stages but hope to have it launched in 2018. And we do have a few other products coming out in 2018, but that info is under wraps for now!"

Photo by Lisa Lemen

Swing in to The FIND to get acquainted with our selection of Ambre Blends products. We love to layer the products in one essence for a more intense fragrance, which we've been doing essentially non-stop with the new Anhu essence. It's safe to say we're obsessed. Sometimes we feel like mixing and matching essences and products for a customized scent, and it's so fun to play around with different combos. Our current favorite mix/match recipe is the Solace body cream paired with the classic Ambre roll-on fragrance and the Invoke natural deodorant. Come whip up your very own custom combo!