Where You'll FIND Me: Melani

I have strong Indiana roots and I will always have a special place in my heart, and life, for this beautiful state. It's where I was raised and where I raised my children. It is home to extended family and cherished friends, as well as my business interests. Northeast Indiana is becoming such a dynamic place to live, work and play, which certainly makes it harder to leave for my various adventures and much easier to return home. 

Here's where you'll FIND me when I'm not checking in at The FIND:


I am a devotee of Mocha Lounge, and their fab menu, and schedule the majority of my meetings there. Depending on the time of my meeting, I calculate how much caffeine and sugar my day still allows (or deserves)!  Tea v. latte?  GK Baking cinnamon roll v. sesame seed peanut butter bar?  The struggle is real.


I walk Main Street to pick up The Trove's mail, greet friends and fellow shop owners, grab coffee at Proper Pastry (and always debate biting into one of Anna's delicious croissants), take a yoga class at Powers of One, window shop at Fearless Chef, BoRo and The North End and swing by Paper Moon and Moose & Mollies for a chat. I just adore the oh-so charming vibe of #thenoke.


There's nothing I love more than visiting my far-flung children. They're even more fun as adults and I'm so glad they picked cool places to call home. During my travels, I'm always on the hunt for cool restaurants and shops. #RetailEspionage


I love to walk the lakeshore, visit friends, cheer on the Cubbies, or take in a play or musical. I just love to soak up the big city energy!


I adore watching the sunset with a glass of wine and my husband. This is where I go to focus and restart my creativity. Water is soothing, healing and I can't get enough of the crystal blue waters of Northern Michigan.