The CW Holiday 2017 - The FIND

Fort Wayne’s great boutique shops dot the downtown landscape. There are plenty of options for a variety of interests, including clothing stores like The Find, a “lifestyle general store,” specializing in gifts, home goods, men’s and women’s accessories, and women’s clothing.
— Holiday Shopping & Fashion Getaway in Fort Wayne

Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly

How would you describe the Trove and the Find?

Both are “lifestyle” stores; we carry clothing, home decor, gifts, stationery. The broad definition is really fun; we aren’t constrained and we buy what we love and want to own ourselves. Since each store has three or four unique visions, the styles have a range. We love to carry Midwest brands, but gravitate to anything that is unique and well­ made.
— Melani Wilson, as told to Bridgett Hernandez

Fort Wayne Magazine

Photo by Dustin McKibben 

The FIND, sister store to The Trove in Roanoke, is chock-full of gorgeous gifts and goodies for women, men, children and four-legged friends. Partners Libby Ash, Roya Kelly and Melani Wilson have curated a selection of stylish clothing, jewelry, accessories, home decor and beauty products that will dazzle downtown shoppers. This emporium of chic joins an emerging community of indie boutiques dotting the city streets and helps to solidify Fort Wayne as a hip retail destination.
— Jennifer Dodds Fox

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Fort Wayne Downtown Improvement District

Photo by Stephen J. Bailey

Many of my female friends have been talking about the treasures they have been finding at this adorable store but I loved that I found shopping options for myself and other guys, too. In fact, I walked away with a new book on how to make a better cocktail for my friends. I plan to put it to good use.
— Stephen J. Bailey

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Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership | Vision 2020

Photo by Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership

Fort Wayne has been stepping up its game when it comes to great retail options, and locally-owned boutiques are popping up all over Northeast Indiana. From Fort Wayne’s urban core to up-and-coming towns like Wabash, beautifully-crafted, unique (and even local!) items have never been easier to find.

As summer begins to wind down and we transition to fall, this is a great time to make a few additions to your wardrobe. Whether you’re back-to-school shopping, looking for something special for a night out on the town or even something to spruce up your home check out some of these new favorite retail hot spots in the heart of Fort Wayne.
— Kylee Shirey

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The News-Sentinel

Photo by Beth Behrendt.

I would jump at the opportunity to sell clothes! I would love that!” remarked one woman to another, engaging in cocktail chatter at a party thrown by the company where both their husbands work.

Little did Roya Kelly know that Libby Ash took special note of that comment and wouldn’t soon forget it.
— Beth Behrendt

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Photo by WANE-TV

Recently, Ash Brokerage announced the law office of Barnes and Thornburg will occupy space in the building. They join the previously announce branch of Lake City Bank, a DeBrand Find Chocolate store, The Skyline YMCA, The Golden restaurant and The Find (a store associated with Roanoke’s The Trove).
— Rod Hissong

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Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette

Photo by Cathie Rowland, The Journal Gazette

The city’s portion of the Ash Skyline Plaza is complete.

Along with 1,077 parking spaces, the garage also features a bike hub connected to the Skyline YMCA facility, which bike commuters can use for lockers and showers. The bike hub and YMCA are already operational, said Greg Leatherman, the city’s director of Community Development. Other tenants at the complex include the Barnes & Thornburg law firm and the tax firm DuCharme, McMillen & Associates. The retail level is occupied by DeBrand’s chocolate, Lake City Bank, The Find and The Golden restaurant.
— Dave Gong

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